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May 31, 2020

How Microsoft making windows more usable for a developer with ease of use and developer experience, recently they have announced three major features which will attract developers more to use Windows, Let's talk about one by one

Windows Terminal

Windows terminal is better command line interface then their cmd and PowerShell CLI, It supports cmd and PowerShell both. And if you are using WSL it supports that also.

There a lot of advantages of it

  • UI wise it has tabs, you can open one or multiple instances of PowerShell, cmd and WSL Linux.
  • Smooth UI
  • You can choose color and themes also
  • You can create multiple profiles
  • You can customize the key binding
  • Shortcut keys to open PowerShell, cmd and any Linux distro quickly in new tab

For more details read their preview announcement blog This is an open-source project, you can find more details on their github repository

Windows package manager (winget)

It's Linux inspired package manager which allows installing packages from cli, there were multiple unofficial that are also available like choco. This is natively part of windows Windows 10 2004.

There are simple command to install packages similar to Debian apt

>winget install <package-id>

example of installing NodeJs

winget install OpenJS.Nodejs

You can find more details on their announcement blog This is also an open-source project you can find their source repo on github


WSL2 has a full Linux kernel and it supports most of the Linux native features, in WSL1 daemon was not possible but now you can run services too.

You can start/stop services, I tried to install Nginx and I was able to start service too.

You can read the clear comparison WSL 1 and WSL 2 You can find more details on their announcement blog

Govind Malviya

Govind Malviya

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