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December 3, 2015

In My last Blog of installation ElasticSearch on windows, Now you can start exploring ElasticSearch on windows, You can Marvel plugin for it

  • Open command prompt and navigate to your elastic installation directory and then navigate to bin directory in my case path command was

    cd C:Program FilesElasticsearchbin

  • Run this command

    Plugin.bat -i elasticsearch/marvel/latest

If you get this error Failed to install elasticsearch/marvel/latest, reason: plugin directory C:\Program Files/Elasticsearchplugins is read only then create a plugins directory to root of your ElasticSearch installation path and make it write and Read write permissions for all user.

  • Again run same command

  • Restart ElasticSearch service

  • Open http://localhost:9200/_plugin/marvel in any browser

You can see various option, you can learn about it further from various sources, detailing out these option off topic for this blog, You can querying on ElasticSearch by sense plugin, on right top you can see one dropdown menu click on Dashboard you can see various options in this menu, select sense option it will open query window. Now you start querying on ElasticSearch.

Govind Malviya

Govind Malviya

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