ElasticSearch setup on windows

December 1, 2015

If you are going to try ElasticSearch on Windows PC, I can help you, these are easy and simple steps to install ElasticSearch on windows PC

  • Java 7 or later require on your PC, if it is not installed on your PC than install, and set JAVA_HOME environment variable properly, download java 7 from oracles java download page an check instructions to setup JAVA_HOME environment variable
  • Download ElasticSearch installer from https://github.com/rgl/elasticsearch-setup/releases and install it your PC.
  • Navigate to you elastic installation directory and open config directory. In my case C:elasticconfig
  • Open elasticserach.yml file in any text editor
  • Search cluster.name, remove comment from this line by removing hash and set name which you want
  • Just below line check node.name and remove comment and set node name which you want
  • Open services (by typing services in run) panel and run elasticsearch service.
  • Enter url http://localhost:9200 to any web browser and press enter Now your ElasticSearch is ready on your PC, start exploring it. You can read next blog post for installing Marvel plugin for ElasticSearch on windows to exploring ElasticSearch more
Govind Malviya

Govind Malviya

Director of Product Development @LoginRadius


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